FCRSC Specialty 2024

New CDC requirements for dogs entering the USA

As of August 1st 2024, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is instituting new requirements for dogs entering the USA.  This not only includes dogs that are being imported for the first time, it also includes any American dogs who have left and are returning home.

Some of these new rules are still in flux and there may yet be some changes before the Specialty, however, we are hoping to keep our American friends as informed as possible in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Our focus is on dogs who normally live in the US, have come to Canada to attend the Specialty, and now want to return to the US.  Any dog who does not fit that mold, you can find the new requirements here


  1. In order for a dog to return to the US, the dog must be at least 6 mos old, implanted with an ISO microchip and have a valid rabies certificate with the identifying microchip number. A rabies vaccine is considered valid if it was given at least 28 days before the crossing – or if less than 28 days, the previous rabies certificate shows no lapse in coverage and also reflects the identifying microchip.


  1. The dog will require a completed “CDC Import Form”. Unfortunately, the CDC will not be releasing this form until July 15th, 2024.  We will provide a copy of, or a link to, the form as soon as it is released.  Until it is released, we cannot be certain, but we have been given to understand that this form is fairly straightforward and can even be completed at the time of re-entry to the US.


  1. The dog will also require ONE of the forms listed below


  • A “Certification of U.S.-Issued Rabies Vaccination” form that was endorsed by a USDA certified vet before the dog departed the United States



  • A valid USDA-endorsed export health certificate


Unofficially, we have been given to understand that US border agents maintain their individual discretion when, and if, they request this documentation for US dogs returning home with their owners.

The rules for a dog entering Canada have not changed.  The only requirement is a valid rabies certificate.